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What is a cookie?

The term "cookie" refers to technologies involving storing and accessing information about the users’ Internet terminal (PC, laptop, tablet).

Upon users’ allowing cookies usage, the cookies – text files containing small amounts of information - are retrieved in the users’ terminals when visiting a website.

Cookies’ main benefit is enabling a website to recognize user's terminal. To this end, cookies contain information linking a web page user to a webserver(website). If the user accesses that latter website again, the webserver will identify the information previously stored.

General information on cookies

The following information aims to raise users’ awareness on the nature and on the way to handle cookies used by the www.brd.ro website.

For any further information not already provided herein, you can contact us at mybrdcontact@brd.ro.

Very often, cookies do not directly pinpoint internet users, but the Internet terminal used to access certain webpages.

The lifetime of these cookies may vary significantly, depending on the purpose for which they are placed. Some cookies are used just for one working session and are not retained once the user has left the website, while others are kept and the information which was stored is re-used each time the user visits an website previously visited.

Users may delete cookies by using browser’s settings. More information on the manner of disabling or deleting cookies can be found by accessing the "How to disable or to delete cookies?" section, below.

The website www.brd.ro uses both its own cookies, as well as cookies placed by third parties, allowing for a better browsing experience for users and services tailored to their needs (such as the language chosen by users when visiting our website).

Types of cookies we use

  • Analytical Cookies. This type of cookies allow us to find the number of users visiting our website, as well as their path pf navigation through our website. This type of cookie is meant to help us improve the way the www.brd.ro website works, ensuring, for example, that users can easily find what they are looking for. All information collected by this type of cookies is anonymous and their purpose is to improve our website functioning.
  • Functional cookies. This type of cookies are used to recognize users when they visit the www.brd.ro website and to allow us customizing the content of our website in order to facilitate users’ browsing and retaining their preferences (such as their choice of language). All information collected by these cookies is intended to improve users’ experience in using an website.

How to disable or to delete cookies?

Users can disable cookies, in whole or in part, by activating browser’s „opt – out” option.

Even if users disable one or more analytical cookies, it is still possible for us to use the information collected by these cookies prior to their disabling. However, starting with the moment they were disabled, we will stop using cookies to further collect information.

Users have the option of setting their Internet browser in order to inactivate these cookies. Moreover, users can set their browsers to accept cookies only from a particular site.

The settings allowing the disabling / deletion of cookies are usually found in the "options" or in the "preferences" menus of users’ Internet browser.

In order to change the “cookies” options provided by www.brd.ro website, users can access the "Options" menu or the "Preferences" menu of the browser.

To understand these settings, the following links may be useful. For more detailed, users can use the browser's "Help" option.

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer

Cookie settings in Firefox

Cookie settings in Chrome

Cookie settings in Safari

Security and privacy issues.

Generally speaking, browsers have built-in privacy settings providing different levels of cookie acceptance, validity and automatic deletion after users have visited a particular site.

Users must ensure that the browser is always up-to-date. Many of the cookies-based cyber-attacks are caused by exploiting weaknesses of old browsers versions. With a clear understanding on how cookies work and on their benefits, users can take the necessary security measures so they can navigate with confidence on the Internet.