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SIM Top Up

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SIM Top Up

Non-stop prepaid card recharge service.

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Discover the electronic recharge service of SIM prepaid cards!

Through the SIM TOP UP service you enjoy a wide range of benefits.


you pay only to recharge the SIM card, without costs or additional fees


you recharge the SIM card in a couple of minutes from any BRD ATM and ROBO device


the service is available 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7


we offer an extensive network of terminals. View on the map the ATMs closest to you!

How it works

Now you can recharge your Orange, Vodafone and Telekom SIM card quickly and securely from any BRD ATM and ROBO device. In addition, you are not conditioned by the work program of the bank.

Recharge the SIM prepaid card using any BRD card or cash, from any BRD ATM and ROBO devices, in just a few minutes:

1. Select the PrePay recharge option

Recharging prepaid cards can be done in two ways

- Recharge with PIN – by releasing a unique recharge code

- Direct recharge – automatically by entering the phone number

2. Choose the desired operator (Orange, Vodafone or Telekom)

3. Select the value to recharge the card (the values are fixed, predefined according to the GSM operator)

4. In case of direct recharge option, you enter twice (for verification) the phone number wishing to recharge.

5. Confirm the transaction

6. The terminal issues a receipt:

- Recharge with PIN – The terminal issues a receipt that has a unique recharge code, which you type on your mobile phone.

- Direct recharge – The terminal issues a receipt which you can find details of the transaction, including recharged phone number (the selected phone number will be recharged automatically by the operator).

The service is free for all the three mobile operators.

How to apply:

- Fill out the online form and we will contact you shortly.

- A simple phone call to the MyBRD Contact service offers you further details about this product.

- In any BRD unit, where our advisors are able to help you with information regarding contracting this products and its mechanism.