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Western Union transfers


the amounts of money can be received within few minutes from the sending country to and from anywhere in the world


the service is available in any of BRD branches across the country


the amounts can be sent or received without being necessary to fill in a form


transactions are carried in LEI/EUR


transfer details are known only by sender/receiver

Starting August 19th, 2019 Western Union® money transfer services will no longer be available at BRD. To continue receiving money through Western Union you can ask your sender to send directly to your bank account from a Western Union location wherever service is available. You just need to make sure sender knows your account number. For more information visit or call 0800 801 044 from Monday to Saturday, from 09:00 to 21:00. Thank your for understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience.


What does Western Union service allow you to do?


Count on BRD-Western Union team when you need to receive or to send money.

Receive & send

money in a simple, safe and fast way, both in the country and abroad

Fast available money

at destination within few minutes from sending

ATMs incomings

to the money received by Western Union at ATMs

MyBRD Mobile incomings

to the money received by MyBRD Mobile or MyBRD Net

How to sent/receive money?

To receive money

- In order to receive the amount, the sender must submit more information:  the date when the transfer was made, name of the sender, country where the transfer was initiated, the amount sent, the number of transfer control (MTCN Money Transfer Control Number). After the transfer is initiated, you can come to any BRD branch, any BRD ATM or directly in your MyBRD service, to collect your money.

- In order to process the transfer safely, the operator will ask for your ID. Afterwards, the operator will check for a transfer on your behalf, and the money will be handed out on the spot.

The maximum amount that can be paid through Western Union is the equivalent in EUR or RON of 10.000 USD / person / transaction / day.


To send money

- In order to make a money transfer, you need to go to the nearest BRD branch and it is necessary to know:  the name of the person who receives the money, the country of destination and you must have a valid ID. Afterwards the BRD operator completes the application of transfer (amount to be transferred, the receiver’s name and the sender's name, etc.) and will hand you your receipt which contains the control number (MTCN Money Transfer Control Number).
- To receive the amount, the receiver must know the name of the sender, the country from where the money was sent, the amount and the transfer control number (MTCN).
- Also it is important to note that at the amount you want to send is added a transaction fee.

The maximum amount that can be sent via Western Union is the equivalent in EUR or RON of 10.000 USD / person / transaction / day



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