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Choose the full range of banking services at low costs!

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Save the most valuable currency that you have, your time!

The Classic Package joints together the products and services that are essential for your daily banking activity and it is the right solution for you. You save money and you get discounts and advantages!

Special price

compared to the price of the products bought separately

Zero cost

for current operations


managing your banking operations


due to the remote banking products
Internet, Mobile and SMS Banking


3 types of insurances included


Basic banking products:
Current account

in lei or euro

Debit card at your choice

A la Carte, Maestro, Maestro Transport

Remote banking services

through the Internet, SMS and telephone


Free current operations

cash withdrawals and balance consulting at any BRD ATM

Free subscription

to the remote
banking services

Free programmed payment

to the savings account


on file analysis fee in case you need financing,
operations made by the remote banking services,
partner merchants


3 types of insurance for your safety

in case of theft / loss of the card,
keys, personal documents,
as well as of the money withdrawn at the ATM

Travel insurance

in the country and abroad for the cards on the list

Hospitalization insurance

in case of accidents

Fees and commissions

List of commissions Download

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