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minimum advance



file analysis fee

5 years

maximum credit period 

6 months + 3%

credit's interest rate

Financing in Lei

and only for new cars

CASCO insurance

for risks of damage and theft

What kind of car you can buy?

- First Car Loan applies only to new cars that meet standard requirements EURO5
- The purchase price must not exceed 50,000 Lei + VAT
- Through this program you can purchase a single car


Under what conditions can get the loan?

It supports a wide range of income: income from wages, pensions, dividends, royalties, rents to income from independent activities. You can get a higher amount if you bring and revenues of more than 3 co-borrowers.


How can you sit quietly throughout the loan? You're safe for the entire period of the loan by obtaining insurance CASCO (mandatory) for your car and a life insurance (optional), which gives you and your family protection in case of unforeseen events (unemployment, total and permanent disability from accident or death from accident).

Policies ends when signing the loan agreement, for the entire period of the loan, but insurance premiums are paid monthly, so the effort is minimal.


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