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Work&Travel Loan

Work & Travel Loan

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up to 14 months*


without guarantees


down payment

* When you only pay the interest, the fees, the insurance fee and you repay the entire capital, in a single instalment, on the last due date.

What does the Work & Travel loan offer?

Loan dedicated to support expenses in case of participating in the Work & Travel program.

It offers you funding without guarantee, up to 4 000 Euro / 5 000 USD, in order to cover the expenses for participation in this program:

- Program tax;
- Tax related to visa obtaining (if applicable);
- Transportation cost;
- Other costs (up to 20% of the loan amount.

You may apply for this loan if you are between 18 and 30 years old and you are enrolled in the Work&Travel program for SUA or Europe.


What type of income do you need in order to obtain the loan?

You can get the loan even though you do not have any income. In both cases, you must bring at least 1 co-borrower.

A wide range of income types are accepted: from salary income, pensions, dividends, copyright, rents, to income from freelance activities. You can obtain a higher amount if you also bring in the income of minimum 1 co-borrower.


How can you relax for the entire credit period?

You are safe for the entire credit period by signing a life insurance that offers you and your family protection in case of unforeseen events (unemployment, temporary incapacity for work, total and permanent invalidity due to any cause or death of any cause). The policy is concluded at the time of signature of the loan agreement, for the entire credit period, whereas the insurance fee is paid in monthly instalments.


In case of Work & Travel loan, the only guarantee is the security on your accounts opened with BRD.


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