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Pension funds

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Pension funds

Private pension funds from BRD.

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PENSION FUNDS include a wide range of banking and extra-banking products and services.


for the net amounts accumulated in the pension account

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due to additional income received in retirement

Fiscal facilities

for the amounts paid as contribution to the optional private pension (details here)

The mandatory private pension

Pillar II: BRD Privately Managed Pension Fund

- Compulsory contributions for people aged up to 35 years

- Optional contribution for people aged 35-45 years

- The contribution to the BRD Pension fund does not involve any additional costs, it only involves the collection and investment of a percentage of your mandatory social insurance contribution. The deposit transaction is performed automatically, upon each salary crediting

- The contributions are accumulated in an individual account - opened with the private pension fund in your name, but the money is invested in financial instruments that generate additional income

- The participant is the owner of the personal asset accumulated in their account;, the amount can also be transmitted through succession

- The deposited amounts are guaranteed by law and the contributions are exempted from taxation

- You can opt for a pension fund in the first 4 months of the first recruitment, otherwise, mandatory contributions are automatically included in the system by random allocation to a pension fund.

The optional private pension

Pillar III: BRD Medio

- Voluntary contributions, saved in an account opened in your name at BRD Pension Fund, to which you have access starting from the age of 60 years. By contributing monthly to an optional pension fund, you ensure an additional income for yourself for the retirement years, in addition to the mandatory private pension (pillar II) and to the state pension

- If you are either an employee in the public sector, or if you are obtaining income from independent, professional or agricultural activities, you can become a participant to the BRD Medio optional private pension fund managed by BRD Pensii, at any anytime

- The contributions to an optional pension fund are protected by law and, in addition to that, BRD Pensii guarantees to the participants to the BRD MEDIO Optional Pension Fund the amount of the net contributions

- Payment is simple, if you are an employee: You employer will withhold monthly from your salary the amount you choose and will transfer it in the account of the BRD Pensii optional pension fund. In addition to that, as a benefit, your employer is able to choose to contribute as well with an amount to the pension fund of your choice.


You can find more details by visiting the website

For information on the amounts already accumulated in the mandatory pension account, go here, and for the optional pension, access this link.