CAREFUL! A new Android malware called Flubot is spreading rapidly via SMS. Details.

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CAREFUL! A new Android malware

In recent days, a malware has been circulating, via SMS, claiming that a package is on its way, urging you to click on a link and install an application to track the delivery of the fictitious package. If you receive such an SMS, we recommend that you do not access the link, do not install the application and delete the message.

FluBot malware steals passwords and login information from your online accounts, personal details and banking information. The information is used to make payments, take over your account and steal your identity online. All this is done without the knowledge of the users.

If you think your phone has been infected, check the following recommendations for removing the virus from your phone's operating system:

- You can activate Google Play Protect or a similar program, which allows you to delete the malware and keeping your phone data;

- If this doesn’t work, you can perform a complete reset of the device to the factory settings;

Attention! If you choose to completely reset, this operation will erase all data, including photos and applications on your phone, which will no longer be recoverable.

- If you decide to initiate the reset, do not make a backup before returning to the factory settings, as it will also back up the malware.


To avoid infecting your phone, we recommend that you always install mobile apps that come from official and recognized app stores, such as the Play Store or App Store.