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SmartOP is a flexible, free of charge application created by BRD to provide support in the filling in of payment orders (simple payment orders or payment orders payable to State Treasury, currency payment order). 


  • Reduces the time required to fill in payment orders
  • Reuses the information and data inserted
  • Minimizes the risk of errors in data filling by checking them (ex: IBAN code, CUI)
  • Reduces the risk of incomplete documents because it checks mandatory fields
  • Monitors more easily the payments made or planned by means of its own activity report

SmartOP is the ideal solution for your business... 
to reduce the time required for the manual filling in of standard forms.

What functionalities does SmartOP offer?

  • you fill in payment orders on your personal computer in a format established by the bank 
  • you print payment orders and currency payment orders 
  • you validate the number of characters for CIF/CUI and IBAN account
  • you validate the filling in of mandatory fields 
  • you keep a history of drafted documents (completed or not) that can be reused. 

You can download the SmartOP application from here (Windows) or here (Mac).

User manual SmartOP (romanian)



What technical equipment is required for the installation of SmartOP application?

The technical equipment required for the installation of SmartOP application are the following: 
  • a PC with Windows XP (or newer) operating system
  • NET Framework 2.0 (can be downloaded by accessing the suggested link; Internet access is necessary) 
  • a monitor with a resolution equal to 800x600 or higher
  • A4 printer for document printing 

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