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Transport Card

Transport Card

More freedom of movement with one card!

Apply online



for issuance and for payments to merchants, including online payments


due to the 3D Secure standard


for the first STB tickets, upon card issuance


and STB subscription


through the contactless technology


How to use it in Bucharest

Use the Transport card to:

- Top-up STB transport subscription

- Top-up STB tickets and electronic wallet

- Validate your journey in the STB public transport

The subscription/electronic wallet can be topped-up:

- Automatically – through the BRD direct debit service

- Online - on

- At the STB centers.

Other included services

In addition to the payment of the transport services, the card can also be used for other operations:

- Payments to merchants, including online payments;

- Contactless payments;

- Cash withdrawal;

- Invoice payments;

- Check the account balance;

- Change PIN;

- List of the last 10 operations;

- SIM top-up ( Orange, Vodafone or Telekom);

- Access to transport services in Romania, including the subway in Bucharest using the contactless technology;

- Access STB through the transport application.


Free medical insurance (for MasterCard cards):

- Abroad: it includes medical services in case of illness/accident, medical care, emergency medical transportation, medical repatriation after hospitalization;

In addition, you can also attach to your card:

- Emergency services abroad: card replacement and funds in emergency conditions;

- Confort Insurance for indemnities in case of loss/ theft of the card and with no expenses for replacement of the card, identity papers and/ or keys that are lost/ stolen at the same time as the card.

Fees and commissions

List of commissions download