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Fixed interest rates

quarterly established


access to money at any time


account opening, cash deposit and receipts


savings account is fully guaranteed by Deposit Guarantee Fund

What does Atustart allow you to do?

Atusprint is a savings account in LEI, EUR, or USD, for teenagers, that offers the possibility of managing your own savings.

- You can have your own savings, in an account opened along with your parents, on your name. 
- Extra earnings through interest, paid quarterly, which is added to money saved or received from parents or relatives.
- Anytime you need money for the projects that are important to you, you are able to withdraw some of your savings - while keeping a minimum balance in the account. 
- You can tell your parents to deposit your pocket money directly in your account, but without exceeding a maximum amount limit set by the bank.|
- When you turn 18, the amounts you accumulate will be automatically  transferred to the Atucont.

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