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«Together» is how we best describe the way we manage relationships with our clients and partners. This word expresses teamwork, our most prized value.

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Hyperion II Train, Financed By BRD and BRD Sogelease, Had Today Its Inaugural Trip...

Softronic inaugurated today its second Hyperion electric train. The first trip took place Read more

MyBRD Mobile, BRD’s Mobile Banking App, Has 160,000 Users...

  Launched in 2013, MyBRD Mobile has reached 160,000 customers and is in the top of the 3 most Read more

BRD Group results H1-2015: Solid financial results ...

The main financial ratios of BRD-Groupe Société Générale are as at June 30, 2015 at Read more

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4000 BRD clients donors to UNICEF

Together we donated 150,000 EUR, money used in the "Go to School" program, with 3,000 children at risk of dropping out of school helped to continue their studies.

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Citizen Commitment Week

For a week, the Group's employees worldwide organize fairs for charity, marathons and sporting events and engage with NGOs to raise funds.

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We are the second bank in Romania in terms of total assets, and it has the third market capitalization on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Corporate responsibility

Our ambition is to become the benchmark in the implementation of corporate responsibility principles.

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Find out the programs we are involved in, what is new and how we pursue the goals we set for ourselves.


Discover a professional and competitive team, always looking for innovative solutions within a challenging context.

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