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APIA subsidies

Simplified flow


Interest rate

can be paid when collecting the subsidy



  • Beneficiaries: farmers working the land and / were holding livestock
  • Funded by up to 90% of the subsidies to be received
  • Currency: LEI
  • During subsidy payment is made at the leu / euro communicated by the European Central Bank
  • Interest: ROBOR 6M + 2%
  • Fees: maximum 1%
  • Deadline for payment of grants: June 30, 2020
  • Warranties: FGCR *: maximum 80% of the loan amount
  • Forms of support funded, without limitation:
a) Scheme area support
- Payment redistributive,
- Payment for greening
b) Compensatory measures for rural development
- Measure 214 Agri-Environment-flat,
- Measure 10 - Agro-environmental and climate
- Measure 11 - Organic farming
- Measure 13 - Payments to areas facing natural constraints or other specific constraints.
c) Transitional national aids in the livestock sector (ANT ZOO) for owners of cattle, sheep, goats)
d) Measure 215 PNDR - Animal welfare payments (for holders of poultry and swine)


- Customer demand for payment filed by the APIA
- Certificate issued by APIA