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Do not block the cash-flow meant for current business by financing investment projects only with own resources. Apply to an investment loan from BRD.


The investment financing is the ideal solution for your business if the company found an opportunity on the market and it wishes to benefit of it, or investments are necessary which cannot be supported only with the own sources of the company.

Up to 75%

Financing of the project value


Grace period correlated with the implementation period


Periodical repayment schedule, in line with the company cash-flow

Areas of application    

We offer a wide range of investment loans depending on the company’s development strategy, for:
  • Purchasing real estate (land, buildings, etc.)
  • Building real estate
  • Renovating /modernizing / expanding / completing real estate
  • Purchasing means of transport, equipment, machines and tools, etc.
  • Achieving new objectives or production capacities
  • Developing / retooling / modernizing the production units, tools, plants
  • Refinancing investment loans from other financial institutions.