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Types of operations

The foreign currency payment order is a simple and fast way of extinguishing your obligations towards foreign business partners.

The international operations is the ideal tool for your business whether you have a recurring business stream or you just want to carry out a foreign transaction, BRD provides you with convenient solutions for making payments in currency.

What types of international bank transactions can be conducted on a current basis:

- Simple payment order;
- Documentary payment order, in case you condition the payment against the submission of certain documents by the beneficiary;
- Documentary Incasso – payment method securing your business transactions when you have good and lasting relationships with your business partners;|
Currency transactions.

Frequent questions

In what cases do you recommend the use of a documentary incasso facility?
A documentary incasso is recommended in the following cases:

- the exporter knows the importer pretty well
- the importer’s country is low-risk
- the goods may be resold easily, in case the importer fails to make the payment