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The Civil Society

Community involvement is designed to build sustainable intervention mechanisms so that children and young people in difficult situations can develop their skills. We support education and training programs and we want to contribute to decreasing the number of children who drop out of school because of poverty or lack of motivation and a future perspective.

BRD is trying to create mechanisms through which employees, but also customers and partners can become involved in a sustainable manner.

Through the internal payroll giving program "supermen for supersanit” almost 1,000 employees donate monthly amounts that are then doubled by the Bank. So, from the fund collected that  rises to amounts between 100 000 and 200 000 EUR shall be financed education programs, the reduction of drop-out rates.

Since 2014 we have chosen as our main partner in the social area to be Hope and Homes for Children Romania, whose aim is that by 2020 no longer exists no children abandoned in outdated state institutions, and prevent abandonment by creating support services dedicated to children. 

The main cause of child abandonment in Romania is poverty and the most effective way to fight poverty and the only real chance these children is education, access to education as long as possible.

In the first year of partnership nearly 600 children were enrolled in school and have been offered help to stay in families. In 2015-2016, more than 220 children were included in the program of financial, educational and counseling support. We have offered scholarships for special children and organized an art camp programs for children from HHC programs. Also, Day Centre specialized for gifted children from families with social risk from Iasi and neighboring municipalities was rehabilitated.

The investment also included the provision of non-formal education services for gifted children and social services for their families.

Other important partners of BRD are:

Fundatia Principesa Margareta/Princess Margaret Foundation together with whom we are 9, in supporting young talented music artists. Besides scholarships, Foundation grant them access to mentors and promotion too.

Every year BRD organizes events where young people can present their artworks that are then purchased by the bank to support such artists who are just starting out.

Ateliere Fara Frontier/Workshops Without Borders is our partner of 8 years, during which time we have developed professional insertion workshop and workshop Asoclick that IT wastes are collected and reconditioned to be offered to associations that send digital education projects. BRD is also the biggest contributor to electronic and electrical equipment Foundation - by about 9 tons of equipment donated each year.