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The Civil Society

The involvement in the community is aiming to build durable intervention mechanisms so that children and youth in difficult situations can develop their abilities. We favour educational and professional training programs and we wish to contribute to the decrease of the number of children who are abandoning school due to poverty or lack of motivation and future perspective.

BRD is trying to create mechanisms by which employees, but also clients and partners can get involved in a sustainable manner.


Involvement in society

The year 2020 was marked by the crisis generated by the COVID 19 pandemic, which also very much influenced the BRD strategy of involvement in society. The first part of the year was under the aegis #Responsabili Împreună (#Responsible Together)   and it meant a mobilisation to support the efforts made by authorities and the civil society, in this difficult period. In the second part of the year, BRD focused on restarting the economy with #RestartămÎmpreună (#RestartingTogether).On a social, cultural plan, the bank supported the pillars that, in our view, are important for society's future: culture, education & science and technology, volunteering & solidarity, sports and the environment.

Through our messages and actions we have proved that activities can restart, complying with the sanitary rules, or they can reinvent themselves in order to keep in contact with the audience. In this period, almost all cultural, educational, technology or volunteering programs have remained in our program and have been carried out offline and online.


The total amount invested in 2020 in projects for the society was approximately RON 10,200,000.

BRD acted in the first weeks of the sanitary crisis, supporting with RON 2,000,000 two sectors which have been deeply affected by the sanitary crisis: the medical sector and the independent cultural sector.

Thus, BRD donated RON 1,700,000 to the Association for Community Relations and to the national network of Community Foundations to ensure medical protection equipment, Covid-19 tests, disinfectants and medical devices for hospitals. Because of this donation, the following could be purchased: 53,400 medical equipment (gloves, masks, medical suits), testing devices for Covid and ventilators. The equipment reached 70 hospitals from 43 cities

RON 300,000 were used to develop together with Fundația9, BRD's cultural foundation, a micro-grant program for independent artistic productions. The program called Artists Rooms made a selection from approximately 500 applications received and chose 38 projects, financing a total of 50 artists at the beginning of their career, but also important voices of the artistic world from Romania in various fields, from visual arts and new media to performing arts. A selection of these projects was exhibited at the cultural centre BRD Scena9 Residence in July, and gathered more than 1000 visitors.



In 2019, we launched the initiative Fondul BRD pentru Păduri (BRD Fund for Forests) which aims to promote programs and actions that protect Romanian forests. In 2020, the Forest Fund was involved in the development of a program for the monitoring and protection of a valuable forest from Sibiu area, together with WWF Foundation in Romania and financed the beginning of a forestation project in Neamț County, on a surface of 60 ha. This last project is a participation together with several entities from the Société Générale Group from France and Romania. The program created by the EcoTree company from France entails the reconstruction of the soil, of the forest lakes and the populating of the forest planted with melliferous plants and beehives. Thus, by involving the people in the area, the forest shall also bring benefits to the local economy.

The project is important because of its multiple effects on the environment, the people and the local economy.


Social solidarity

BRD employees are encouraged to get involved in various causes and receive a day off per year for volunteering.

Ziua V (V Day), BRD's internal volunteering program, encourages employees to get involved in volunteering projects that change local communities for the better. Moreover, the Bank facilitates involvement and assigns 1 day/year/employee for volunteering activities. Launched in 2018, the program is based on a specially created online platform, where 2,550 employees have registered in order to access opportunities for volunteering from various intervention areas and fields: blood donation, hospital actions, recreating school yards, charitable marathons, preparing Christmas gifts for children, preparing hot meals for disadvantaged members of the community: old people, children, homeless people.

In 2020, the platform supported 22 volunteering actions in the entire country, focusing on online or remote solidarity projects.

  • mentorship and online coaching, online Career Evenings to the benefit of children from the child protection system
  • remote charitable races to support persons with disabilities
  • blood donation campaigns
  • recurrent donations in the amount of approximately EUR 25,000 to support single mothers, families with difficulties and programs for children from hospitals
  • preparing Christmas gifts and providing winter shoes for children from disadvantaged communities.


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