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National and international transfers


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various ways of fast transfer

Available transfer services

- Western Union: you can receive and send money in a simple, safe and fast way, both in the country and abroad, in any of the BRD agencies countrywide.
- Western Union at ATM: you have instant access, in cash or in your current account, at the money received through Western Union at any time, at any BRD ATM.
- Smart OP: Flexible, free application, created by BRD in addition to the standing orders (simple or treasury standing orders, international payment orders), which you can use directly on your personal computer.
- Foreign exchange – through the foreign exchange office and foreign exchange transactions between accounts. Depending on the amount you wish to convert, you can negotiate with the bank a more profitable rate.
- By SMS Banking, you receive alerts when your account is credited and you can check your operations.


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