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Investment loan

Financing 75%

of the investment value

Up to 10 years

credit period, based on the subject of financing

Grace period

adapted to the investment, that can reach 24 months

The investment loan supplements own resources when they are insufficient to develop the company’s investment plans. It is the ideal solution for your business if you are a SME that wants to expand its activity by building a new hall or to create a new production line and you do not have sufficient own resources.

What can you finance using the BRD investment loan?

- The purchase of new equipment for the extension or upgrade of the production line 
- The renewal or increase of vehicle fleet
- The purchase or construction of real estate intended for business
- Real estate renovation/ upgrade/ extension
- Refinancing loans from other banks
- Refinancing the investments made from the company’s resources (in case of investment projects started at the most 12 months prior to the credit application).

What is the credit period? 

The reimbursement is made on a longer period in order to allow the smooth development of business. The credit period is in keeping with the customer’s reimbursement capacity:
- for the purchase of tangible assets, up to 84 months
- for the purchase of intangible assets and for renovation/upgrade/extension projects, up to 120 months
How is the reimbursement made?
The loan reimbursement is made by monthly, quarterly instalments or according to the project execution stages. A grace period can be granted on the payment of the principal.
What guarantees must be submitted?
The main guarantee is the financed investment, plus the customer’s available guarantees, including the guarantees issued by guarantee funds (FNGCIMM, FGCR, Eximbank).

How is the loan used?

The loan is made available by bank transfer directly to the seller in case of purchase of goods or by successive uses according to the execution stages in case of investment projects.
Can the reimbursement be correlated with the project execution stages?
Yes, the reimbursement schedule is established according to the project execution plan. A grace period can be granted on the payment of the principal throughout the entire project implementation period.