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In accordance  with art. 11 (6) of the REGULATION (EU) No 648/2012 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 4 July 2012 on OTC derivatives, central counterparties and trade repositories, and related regulations, BRD - Groupe Societe Generale SA received the full exemption from the obligation to exchange collateral for the intragroup OTC derivative contracts concluded with Societe Generale SA. The exemption was granted starting with 04.07.2017 by the National Bank of Romania.


The relevant information on the intragroup exemption is as follows:

  1. Counterparties to intragroup OTC derivative contracts:

- BRD - Groupe Societe Generale S.A., credit institution with headquarters in Bucharest, 1-7 Ion Mihalache Boulevard, Sector 1, 011171, Romania, registered at the Trade Register under no. J40 / 608/1991, registered in the Register of Credit Institutions under no. RB-PJR-40-007 / 18.02.1999, code identifier LEI 5493008QRHH0XCLJ4238; and
- Societe Generale S.A., credit institution based in Paris, Haussmann Blvd. 29, France, registered with the Trade Register and Companies of France under no. RCS Paris 55212022215342, code identifier LEI O2RNE8IBXP4R0TD8PU4.

  1. The relationship between the counterparties:

- BRD - Groupe Societe Generale S.A. and Societe Generale S.A. both being part of  the Societe Generale Group;
- Societe Generale S.A owns 419,313,688 shares, representing 60.1683% of the share capital of BRD - Groupe Societe Generale S.A.

  1. The exemption granted is full exemption
  2. The notional aggregate amount of the OTC derivative contracts for which the intragroup exemption applies - the exemption does not provide limitations of the notional value.