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Depository services


of the materialized financial services or of the writs attesting their holding, separately from the assets of BRD and of other entities entrusted for keeping by the Administrators

Registering, verifying, monitoring and controlling

the assets and the transactions made by the funds, the investment limits according to the legislation in force and the records of all the assets and liabilities of the funds

Keeping the daily records

of the applications for subscription or redemption of fund units and of the operations made by the investors

Keeping the daily records

of the number of investors and of the fund units held by them based on the information transmitted by the distributors or by the funds administrators

Certifying on a daily basis

the net asset value, the unit value of the net asset and the issue/redemption price for each business day

Checking the operations

with fund unit in terms of compliance with the legislation in force and with the provisions of the fund issue prospectus