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3D Secure

3D Secure

Maximum safety conditions

Aplică online

Safer transactions on the internet!

3D SECURE Benefits.


Your card can be used to make purchases, pay invoices, bookings directly from the Internet, under maximum safety conditions.


3D Secure standard – the highest standard for securing online transactions, you minimize the chance of a fraud to your card


3D Secure is automatically enabled for your BRD card


Benefit from the highest security standard for online payments


You can identify if the merchant's site has implemented this service by checking the logos MasterCard SecureCode Verified by VISA

Latest news about Internet payments via 3D Secure

We have simplified the way you use your BRD card for online payments, but at a higher level of security.

BRD cardholders who will make online transactions (card payments over the Internet or mobile applications) will authenticate through MyBRD Mobile, based on biometrics or mPIN. As an exception, if you do not have a smartphone or do not have MyBRD Mobile, you will be able to log in with a unique SMS code, to which you will add an additional password that only you will know.

You can request the activation of MyBRD Mobile in any BRD agency, by applying online on the website www.brd.ro or by calling MyBRD Contact. Also, if you already have a MyBRD Net user and you want to activate your MyBRD Mobile service, you can do this very easily from the Offers menu → Activate MyBRD Mobile.

1.Log in to your MyBRD Net account;
2.In the Offers menu you have the option Activate MyBRD Mobile, click on this option;
3.Click on the Activate button;
4.Sign the action with the chosen authorization method;
5.Generating an activation code that you must enter in the Activation Code field, and in the second field Unique password via SMS you will enter the code received on the phone number provided in the relationship with the bank;
6.Set a PIN code for your application, MyBRD Mobile.

You will still be able to use the SMS authentication method, with a unique transaction validation code, but you will also need to enter an additional password, known only to you.


1. You pay online with your BRD card

After entering the card details, in the payment screen you will have to enter the initial password, the last 6 characters of the CNP.

2. Choose the new password

You will set a new password, which you will use for all future card transactions on the Internet. We recommend that you choose your new password carefully, as it will be required to validate each online payment.

3. Choose / check the phone number on which to receive the unique code via SMS

If you have several phone numbers declared at the bank, select the one you want to receive the unique transaction validation code. If you have not registered any telephone number in the bank's database or none of the numbers displayed are out of date, please contact us at any BRD branch to define a new phone number and, implicitly, to complete the transaction.

4. You receive the validation code

Enter the unique validation code received via SMS on the mobile phone number declared to the bank. Confirm the transaction by entering the unique code on the payment screen. The code is issued for each online transaction and is valid for 15 minutes.

Important! Confirmation of the transaction also leads to a successful change of the new password.
If you forgot your password, you can reset it by pressing the "Forgot password" button.

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