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Financial Markets

Presentation of the services and products offered by BRD on the financial markets.


  • Optimal fees
    For the best and most complete services on the market
  • Market analysis and real time information
    For the currency and monetary market 
  • Customised rates
    When performing transactions
  • Know how from Societe Generale
    The 3rd custodian in Europe and 7th worldwide, with a network of correspondents covering 73 countries.


How it works

Through its specialised personnel, BRD offers you:

  • Access to the foreign exchange and monetary market, through a full range of treasury services meant to assist you both in the activity related to foreign exchange and currency risk, and in those related to the placement of your funds or the interest rate risk.
  • Access to the capital market, through trading services available on the local market, including the trading of shares and futures, fixed income instruments, public sale tenders and takeover bids, as well as dividend collection services; assistance to public and private companies in the performance of any activities on the capital market; information and high quality analysis to help you make informed decisions regarding your portfolio.


Financial investment services

The following services are available:

Depository for investment funds, pension funds, financial investment companies, global and local custody services, financial instruments listed on international markets and on the local market, settlement  and custody for SGSS structured products.

Spot market settlement and derivatives for intermediaries, subscription to public tenders, distribution of dividends to issuers, distribution of fund units, including the distribution of BRD Asset Management funds.