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BRD Office Internet Banking

Internet banking

The fastest way to the bank!

What is BRD @ffice?

Is a real-time Internet banking service

available 24/24, 7 days a week*, in romanian and english, dedicated to companies and to certified freelancers that offers: the remote management of the accounts opened at BRD and to the State Treasury***, by viewing the account data and issuing the current transactions or even communication with the bank via messages.

It can be accessed through PC’s and laptop

even from the Android or iOS smartphone or tablet for viewing the account data and signing the transactions initiated through the BRD@ffice site or via MultiX (the BRD’s offline home banking app).

Speed in connection

you can connect to it via the internet-dedicated address or by using the BRD@ffice Mobile app, available in Google Play/AppStore for the mobile devices having iOS or Android.

M-Token authentication

to authenticate, additionally, beside the classical way of connecting with the physical token (special device for generating dynamic passwords) offered by the bank for each authorized user, you can now choose for M-Token, a software token that can be installed on mobile/tablet**.

The perfect solution for paying for money

for everything to be as easy as possible and in order for you to control and verify the processing of your salary files, as well as other financial rights for your company staff, BRD@ffice offers multiple possibilities of transfers that you can safely generate, anytime and from anywhere.


Bank Services Billing (BSB). By joining this service, you can benefit from a full monthly report, for a fee, regarding the fees and commissions charged for each operation and service carried out with the bank during the reference period. For more details go HERE.

*except for the 1:30- 2:30 AM interval when the service is stopped for maintenance.

**on the iOS or Android devices (having access to Google Play), respecting the requirements written in the manual.

*** available for clients who have signed up to the Mandate Agreement regarding direct transfers from accounts opened at the State Treasury.

The BRD@ffice advantages

BRD @ffice internet banking service includes a wide range of benefits:
  • Easy to access, anytime and from anywhere, via the internet site or through the app. The authentication for logon and signature is made with the M-Token app installed on the mobile/tablet or by using the physical Token device;
  • The available balances are displayed in real-time (updated in maximum 5 minutes from the last access);
  • Prolonged schedule for executing intra-banking (even during the weekend) and inter-banking payments;
  • Crediting the beneficiary account in the same day, in case of payments: domestic in RON, SEPA payments (even if the definition impose maximum T+1 for processing) and for urgent payments issued in the main currencies, according to the cut-off times published on the BRD@ffice site;
  • Immediate processing of the intra-banking payments, regardless of the currency, including the payroll payments, initiated via the web interface or through the import/upload of the payment files in any of the native formats of the service (.csv or XML);
  • Differentiated access depending on the rights granted to each of your employees, with the possibility to set complex signature schemes: simple or double signature, limits for each user: daily or for each transaction, separate on each account and so on;
  • Possibility to order negotiated deposits;
  • Issuing of the foreign exchanges at negotiated or standard rate;
  • E-confirmation of the customs payments (e-Vama) and remote access to your company accounts opened at the State Treasury (e-Trezor)***;
  • The possibility to integrate the account statements in the ERP apps of your company;
  • Reduced transactional costs in comparison with the over the counter transactions;
  • The possibility of processing interbank payments instantly, 24/7/365

Application features

Transactional features

  • Issue the intra/interbanking transactions in RON and into the main currencies;
  • Performing foreign exchanges: buy, sell and cross, between different currencies (like: RON, EUR, USD, GBP, CZK, SEK, and so on), at standard and negotiated rate;
  • Sending debit direct instructions in txt format;
  • Paying invoices towards the utility suppliers by using specific templates, but also by using payment files;
  • Instant payments in LEI will be initiated towards accounts opened at other financial institutions in Romania that are participating in the instant payment system*: 

                - the money is sent within seconds, anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in a fully secured environment 

                - the maximum amount that can be transferred is of 49.999,99 LEI/ transaction

                - the beneficiary has immediate access to the received funds

                - only simple payment orders are eligible for instant processing

                - instant payments by default: if the above-mentioned eligibility criteria are met, the payments will be by default instantly processed by BRD.

*Financial institutions in Romania participating in the instant payment system are available HERE

The full list of transactional features is available HERE.


Data visualization and administrative features

Data visualization features:

  • Viewing the available balances, in real-time, for each account opened at BRD, into a single webpage/screen of the app;
  • Printing the daily statements or the statements for an interval in .pdf format or to the printer;
  • Viewing the account data of the accounts opened at the State Treasury by subscribing to e-Trezor;

The full list of transactional features is available HERE.

Administrative features:

  • Messages – secure message between you and the bank;
  • The customers into the BRD@ffice site can define beneficiaries during the filling of the payment order and/or through the specific public or private beneficiary’s lists;
  • The possibility of importing the beneficiaries from your ERP apps or from MultiX, using the .csv format described into the files specification that are published on the website.


How do you become a customer?


To subscribe to BRD@ffice, you must follow four steps:

1. Visit / contact the BRD branch (the dedicated manager) where you have opened the accounts.

2. Sign the BRD@ffice subscription requests and the appendix (es)*.

3. Receive the token/Download the M-Token app and activate it.

4. Access and use the BRD@ffice site or download, install and use the BRD@ffice Mobile app.

* to sign the documents, you can use the qualified electronic signature

Frequent questions

We tell you everything you need to know for a better internet banking service:


Can I use the M-Token software on several devices for the same user?

Yes, the M-Token app can be installed on multiple devices, but please ensure yourself that the access to these devices can be made only by the authorized user. An M-Token license can be installed on maximum eight different devices.


Can the existing users having Token (the physical token) use M-Token (the new software token)?

Yes, the users can choose to modify the authentication method and use of the new M-Token. If you want to modify your authentication method, please contact your bank officer.


Can I sign the transactions be signed directly from the BRD@ffice Mobile app

Yes, BRD@ffice Mobile users having signature rights can directly sign transactions initiated through the BRD@ffice site/MultiX from the app installed on the mobile phone/tablet..

The full list of frequently asked questions for BRD @ffice can be found HERE.


The video tutorial on using the application BRD@ffice Mobile is available HERE.



General information about the BRD@ffice security:

  • Considering the threats that are existing in the virtual environment, you must install the Trusteer Rapport security solution offered by our partners, on the PC that you are using to access BRD@ffice. This is a solution to secure your browser that runs in parallel with the AV solution against the IT attacks like data theft, malware threats or other types of attacks that are using the browsers to commit online fraud.
  • The BRD@ffice site uses the TLS protocol and the most advanced encryption.
  • The BRD@ffice Mobile and M-Token apps are additionally protected with the help of the technologies embedded in the apps and in their execution environment, these technologies being able to: control the execution of the app, to detect and prevent the attacks in real time.
  • To authenticate into the BRD@ffice site or in the BRD@ffice mobile app, the users can use the token dedicated for the iOS/Android phones/tablets, M-Token or the physical Token, both having maximum mobility and security. Thus:
  • - M-Token/token device are using dynamic passwords (OTP - One Time Password), these passwords being available for a short time.

    -The physical token device is protected with PIN.

    - Depending on the phone/tablet type where is installed, M-token can be protected with fingerprint/face recognition/PIN code.

    - M-Token is working like embedded in BRD@ffice Mobile, by ensuring the transmission of the authentication message used for login or signature through a secure channel that that connects Mobile and M-Token apps.

    - To authenticate in the BRD@ffice site, M-Token is using the CRONTO technology. This innovative solution for visual signing of the transactions allows banks to fight against “Trojan” or “Man in the Browser” attacks. CRONTO represents the ideal combination between ease of use, security and cost, allowing the users to check and sign their transactions form anywhere at any time.

    -To sign transactions, users having physical token are authenticating with the Sealing method. Thus, the user will enter into the Token 2 numbers that are displayed into the BRD@ffice site to generate the signature code that will also be filled in the site. The numbers that are used to generate the signature codes are tidily connected with the paying amount and the beneficiary IBAN accounts, making impossible the reutilization of the returned codes for signing other amounts or beneficiary accounts.

Find HERE more information you need to know about Internet trading security.