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We believe that education is essential for development, for the creation of flourishing communities and for inspiring youth to reach their potential.

In the field of technology and innovation, BRD supports the training of key players (new generation, IT specialists, technology and entrepreneurs) for a digital society. The projects that BRD is considering are directed to education in STEM subjects and are carried out under the program platform MINDCRAFT - development hub BRD, which contains: BRD First Tech Challenge Romania, robotic laboratories within Politehnica University of Bucharest, Innovation Labs program for young entrepreneurs and start-up teams, Partnership with RIDS (Romanian Institute for Data Science). In 2020, these programs have been carried out especially online, reuniting important players: pupils, students, professors, young entrepreneurs, experts, and have impacted over 50,000 beneficiaries.


In addition, for audience with passion for technology and science, BRD wants to develop a dedicated journalism project: MINDCRAFT Stories. This is a platform for the popularization of science intended to start conversations on technological discoveries, inventions, granting particular attention to the Romanian scientific environment, and more. In 2020, the platform had over 1.4 million visitors, and the predominant theme was related to the COVID evolution, scientific discoveries related to the pandemic, its evolution in Romania and in the world.

Another platform, this one covering another priority field – education, is Școala9,launched by BRD in 2018. The publication is an endeavour to support the modernisation of pre-university education and has become, in a short while, a space which reunites ideas and initiates a challenge to dialogue for all players – professors, parents, pupils, decision factors (institutions), education specialists – regarding the direction of Romanian education. In 2020, the platform provided even a bigger voice to experts in education and attempted to notice what are the effects of the pandemic in the educational field or the manner in which professors and pupils can adapt to online education. In the last quarter of the year, BRD signed an editorial partnership with Ringier Group, which has resulted in an increase of the readers' number, recording at the year's end over 700,000 unique visitors on the platform.


In December 2020, BRD signed another contract to support the transformation of education, with Asociația pentru Valori în Educație (AVE) (Association for Values in Education). The program aims to close literate disparities among children,by creating and implementing, for the first time in Romania, an instrument with methodological validation (similar to Pisa) which analyses writing and reading abilities of children from 70 schools, in 8 counties from the country, with a meaningful intervention and impact at the level of 16,800 pre-school and primary school children. The program proposes the recovery of children with reading and writing difficulties, difficulties which are enhanced following school closings due to the pandemic, and the decrease of the number of illiterate children, in the context where 42% of 15-year old children from Romania are functionally illiterate.

We live in a society where technology is omnipresent and has managed to change social habits, a society where the young generation is more used to keyboards than to hand writing and where companies recruit people for jobs that 10 years ago did not exist. Which is why an important axis of involvement is represented by supporting projects for youth from the technology area.

Robotics contests, festivals and technology projects that BRD is supporting represent an opportunity for the young generation start early in opening the door to the future - not just the future of society, but their personal future, having more opportunities to imagine a path in their education and life.


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