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We believe that education is essential to our development, to the birth of creative communities and to inspiring young people to reach their potential. In 2015-2016 our main objective was to build a strategy for teachers from the formal educational system, as they are the main drivers able to change the status quo. 

We have strengthened our partnership with the Educational Evaluation and Analysis Center during our program for renewing the physics classes, „Fizica altfel / New Approach to Physics”. This program was dedicated to secondary school teachers and gathered over 5000 of them, whom, at the end of the project, were able to transform the way they taught this subject to young people.  

Together with Junior Achievement Romania we pursued our commitment to explaining children that education is important and profitable on the long run. During the fourth edition of the project „Educatia iti da valoare / Education empowers you”, over 100 BRD volunteers gave 395 hours of their time to make a change for 1671 secondary school pupils with high risk of dropping out. 

Another objective was to form a new generation of journalists that take interest in the educational phenomenon, by creating the „Bursele Superscrieri BRD / BRD Superscrieri Scholarships” for education. At the second edition of the project, 6 journalists were awarded with money and mentorship and guided to investigate deeper into the Romanian educational system.

We live in a society where technology is everywhere. It has the power to change the habits of a society where the young generation is more accustomed to the computer keyboard then with handwriting and where companies recruit people for jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago. This is the reason for which another important interest for us is supporting the tech projects for young people. 

The robotics contests, the shows and projects that we support should give the chance to new generations to open a door to the future – that of the society and to their own future also, and help them imagine their path in education and personal fulfillment.