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BRD Asset Management

Capital structure

BRD - Groupe Société Générale: 99,97%

BRD Asset Management SAI SA was born in 2000 under the name SG Asset Management SAI, being a subsidiary of Société Générale — Asset Management Paris, with its current name since 2008, when BRD Groupe Société Générale became the majority shareholder. The first open investment fund launched was BRD Simfonia, in 2001.

After a few years, we launched five more funds: BRD Obligațiuni, BRD Acțiuni, BRD Diverso, BRD Euro Fond and BRD Index (the current BRD Global). In 2015, a new fund joins the 6 in the portfolio. BRD USD Fond being the first dollar fund managed by us. The year 2017 brings to BRD Asset Management SAI's offer, the possibility to invest in EUR in both BRD Acțiuni and BRD Diverso and from October 2019, a new class in EUR is launched for BRD Global, called BRD Global Class E. Year 2020 brings a new open investment fund in the offer, BRD Simplu. In 2022, a year with many challenges, we launched the latest investment funds, BRD Orizont 2035, BRD Orizont 2045, BRD Euro Simplu and BRD Oportunitati.

Over time, BRD Asset Management SAI has consolidated its position in the market through professionalism and the constant adaptation of products to the needs of clients.