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Card Insurance

Card insurance

Card insurance for personal cards from BRD.

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Use the BRD cards with no worries!

Card Insurance advantages:


during journeys, for you and your family

Attractive cost

for the Confort Insurance/ Confort Mobile Insurance


against fraudulent transactions made with your card in case of theft or loss

How it works

The insurance policies attached to the BRD cards allow you to perform your daily banking operations and to fully enjoy the benefits offered, without worrying about any unpleasant events.

- In case of damage, you and your family are protected against any additional expense, through the indemnities paid promptly by the BRD partners.

- These insurance policies cover any expenses arising from the occurrence of the insured event (death or disability, cancellation of your journey or delay of your baggage, theft/loss of the card/ documents etc.).

- In addition to that, depending on the card you choose, your family can also benefit from the same coverage as you do.

Travel Insurance

In case you are travelling on Romanian territory or abroad, depending on the type of your card, are covered:

- Assistance and Medical expenses;

- Luggage protection;

- Delay/Interruption/Cancellation of the flight;

- Delay/Cancelation of the trip;

- Road assistance;

- Worldwide coverage;

- Covers extended to hole family.

For more info please consult the following document.

Confort Mobile Plus Insurance

Protection against accidental misfortune

We do not live in an ideal world, we can only ensure that we have taken all precautions needed. The Confort Mobile Plus insurance is an optional insurance that compensates you in the event of card loss or theft, theft with assault after withdrawing cash from the ATM, theft of the mobile electronic equipment (laptop, phone or tablet) and loss or theft of personal documents and keys.

What are the risks covered by the insurance?

- Protection of your electronic equipment in case of theft or robbery for laptops, mobiles phones, tablet. Relax, you will recover cost of purchase of equipment similar to that stolen, amounting to a maximum of 400 EUR/USD;

- Financial Security: When you find out that, someone has used the card to buy things without your consent;

- Cash robbery with aggression: it can happen on the street or when you withdraw money from the ATM. It's OK, we will refund you quickly;

- Insuring your identity documents: if they get lost or stolen. Not the documents themselves are valuable but the time and cost of their replacement. You can sit relaxed with these too. We got it covered;

- Ensuring your keys to the apartment, car or safe, whether you lose them or you are robbed. We can compensate the replacement costs of opening and the whole closing system.

Useful documents

PID Confort Mobile Plus download
General Conditions Confort Mobile Plus download