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Loan for studies

Grace period

up to 6 months (loan without mortgage), when you only pay the interest, the fees, and the insurance premium.


down payment

Euro 15,000

for financing with no guarantee

What does the Loan for studies offer you?

This loan helps you make your education projects at any level come true, for you or for your dearest ones. It offers financing in Lei, Euro or USD, up to 130,000 Lei (or equivalent in Euro / USD).


What type of income do you need in order to obtain the loan?

A wide range of income types are accepted: from salary income, pensions, dividends, copyright, rents, to income from freelance activities. You may obtain a higher amount if also bring in the income of maximum 3 co-borrowers.



How can you relax for the entire credit period?

You are safe for the entire credit period by signing a life insurance that offers you and your family protection in case of unforeseen events (unemployment, temporary incapacity for work, total and permanent invalidity due to any cause or death of any cause).

Policies are concluded at the signing date of the loan agreement, for the entire loan period, and the payment is made on a monthly basis, therefore with no effort on your side.


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