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Time saving

by automating recurrent payment


over the automatically transferred amounts between BRD accounts


that the scheduled transfers are processed in due time


Standing Orders

The Standing Orders service ensures effective systematic payments by automatically processing them, depending on the frequency that you decide on.

- Recurrent payments to merchants, partners, dealers etc. on fixed dates depending on the selected interval.

- Permanent transfers between the current accounts and the collector accounts.

- The Standing Orders Service operates by automatically transferring the established amount at chosen time intervals.

Debit Direct (Simplis Debit)

Simplis Debit is a free service providing you an alternative to the classic methods for paying your invoices. Is the ideal solution for your business if you want to make systematic invoice payments to the services or utilities providers, insurance companies, etc.

- This service works by automatically debiting your account with the equivalent value of the invoices issued by the services/utilities suppliers.

- Simplis Debit simplifies the process of paying utility and service invoices, by offering you control over the payments made and more time for your business.



SmartOP is a flexible, free of charge application created by BRD to provide support in the filling in of payment orders (simple payment orders or payment orders payable to State Treasury, currency payment order). Is the ideal solution for your business to reduce the time required for the manual filling in of standard forms.

What functionalities does SmartOP offer?

- filling in payment orders on your personal computer in a format established by the bank
- printing of payment orders and currency payment orders
- validates the number of characters for CIF/CUI and IBAN accounts
- validates the filling of mandatory fields
- keeps a history of drafted documents (completed or not) that can be reused.

You can download the SmartOP application from here (Windows) or here (Mac).

User manual SmartOP (romanian)

SEPA payments

Starting December 15, 2019, we reduce and align the bank charges for companies:

  • for payments in LEI and EURO, to beneficiaries from countries belonging to the single euro payment area (SEPA)*, with interbank ones in LEI in Romania.
  • for EURO cash withdrawals from ATM / POS in the European Union, with those in Lei from other banks in Romania.


Commissions operations companies download

More information can be found in the Fees and Commissions Guide and on www.brd.ro

* The list of countries included in SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) can be found at the following link:https://www.europeanpaymentscouncil.eu