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Business debit cards

Access the money in the account at any time, from wherever you are.

BRD Business Cards easily respond to current needs

BUSINESS CARDS includes a wide range of benefits.


by reducing the risk of handling cash


by usig a practical and confortable means of payment


free travel insurance


to the funds available in your account anytime and anywhere in the world


through the attached authorised overdraft (optional)


for Corporate cards

How it works

Business debit cards are modern payment instruments that give you permanent access to the funds available in the current account of the company opened with the bank and which eliminate the cash handling risks.

BRD provides a full range of business debit cards issued under the logos MasterCard and VISA, so that you choose the card that fits you best.

What operations can be made by card?

  • Cash withdrawals
  • Balance consulting
  • Payment for goods / services at the accepting merchants
  • Online payments
  • Payment of utility bills
  • Change of PIN
  • Statement with the list of the latest 10 operations
  • Setting of card utilisation limits

Did you know that you can recover the foreign VAT?

Whatever the type of card you selected, you can choose to recover the VAT you paid cross-border due to an external partnership with the company
All you need to do is access the page and hold a BRD Business card.

Payments over the Internet secured by 3D Secure 

For extra safety in using the Business cards online at the merchants that display the logos MasterCard SecureCode Verified by VISA, your card is activated automatically and free in 3D Secure Standard, the highest standard of security of online payments.

What are the main characteristics of the product?

  • Use area: national and international
  • Currency: Lei/ Euro/ USD
  • Validity: 3 years with automatic renewal
  • Enhanced security due to the CIP technology

Types of cards


Do you need a means of payment that is adapted to the company requirements?

The Business Silver range includes cards dedicated to the decision-making personnel of the company (administrator, accountants), who use the card to procure equipment and consumables or to make other expenses (airline tickets, car rentals etc.).

In addition, you benefit from:

  • Free services of travel insurance abroad;
  • Authorized Overdraft (optional).

The available cards are MasterCard Business Silver in Lei/Eur and VISA Business Silver in Lei/USD.



Choose a prestigious card

The Corporate range, dedicated to the management personnel for travels abroad, business entertainment expenses etc., includes all the benefits of the Business Silver ranges, plus:

  • High authorized overdraft (optional);
  • Free abroad insurance services with extended values;
  • Access to MasterCard Premium Program, which includes offers and discounts for card payments made at the merchants in the country and abroad.

Free Lounge

Only by presenting your debit business card and the airplane ticket, you’ll have free and unlimited access to:

  • Avram Iancu airport’s lounge from Cluj;
  • Traian Vuia airport’s lounge from Timişoara;
  • VISA North Satellite Lounge from Henri Coanda airport in Bucharest, also for a companion

Descărcaţi broşura de reduceri naţionale Mastercard. Ofertele internaţionale pot fi consultate pe platforma

The MasterCard Corporate cards are available in two currencies, Lei and Eur.

Utilisation limits

The bank can establish daily utilisation limits for card operations.

But you can change the standard utilisation limits through a written request, filed in any BRD agency. This way, you can control much easily the card operations made by your employees.

Standard usage limits for Business Cards

Frequent questions

How do I know if a merchant is enrolled in the 3D Secure system?

The merchants enrolled in 3D Secure display on their websites the logos MasterCard SecureCode Verified by VISA. In addition, when you make the payment, the secured page requesting your password automatically displays.

How can I control the amounts traded by card by the employees?

BRD gives you the possibility to set different limits for each card user, both for cash withdrawals and for payments at the merchants.