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Spend & Save

It's easier to save money when you do it while shopping. With the spend&save service you shop and save money in the same time. 

Interest from day 1

received no matter how long you have the money in your account

No effort

the more you purchases, the more money you can save


no opening commission

Automatic transfer

into a saving account chosen by you


you can always deposit money, to receive money and to withdraw money without losing interest

How it works

With every card payment you make, a certain amount is transferred automatically into a saving account. According to your option you can save:

 - a percentage of the amount paid: 1/5/10/15/20 %

 - a fix amount, regardless the amount spent: 1/5/10/20/50 lei, respectively 1/2/5/10/15 EUR or USD

 - the sum resulted after rounding up with one digit the amount spent

- the sum resulted after rounding up (multiple of 10) the amount spent

In addition you have the possibility to change anything the saving method.

What products include?

- Current account or PractiCont current account (available in packages for Individuals)
- Debit card
- Savings account (at your choice): Atustart, Atusprint, Atucont

If you do not have one of the 3 products, enter into any BRD agency and you can open it on the spot. If you have all of them, directly request to activate the service.