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Spend & Save

While you pay with your card, you save money.

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While you pay with your card, you save money.

It's easier to save money when you do it while shopping. With the SPEND & SAVE service you shop and save money in the same time.


received no matter how long you have the money in your account


the more you purchases, the more money you can save


no opening


into a saving account chosen by you


you can always deposit money, to receive money and to withdraw money without losing interest

How it works

With every card payment you make, a certain amount is transferred automatically into a saving account. According to your option you can save:

- a percentage of the amount paid: 1/5/10/15/20 %

- a fix amount, regardless the amount spent: 1/5/10/20/50 LEI, respectively 1/2/5/10/15 EUR or USD

- the sum resulted after rounding up with one digit the amount spent

- the sum resulted after rounding up (multiple of 10) the amount spent

In addition you have the possibility to change anytime the saving method.


What products are included?

- Current account or PractiCont current account*

- Debit card

- Saving accounts (at your choice): Atustart, Atusprint, Atucont**

If you do not have one of the 3 products, enter into any BRD agency and you can open it on the spot. If you have all of them, directly request to activate the service.

*no longer commercialized

**starting with 26.04.2021: only Atustart and Atucont saving accounts can be opened