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Authorised overdraft


to which you have permanent access via Business Card


guarantee or collateral deposits


the purpose of money usage

How it works

What is the authorized overdraft and how does it work?

- The authorised overdraft is a financing of up to 10,000 euros, for a period of 12 months and the capital is repaid on the expiry of this facility. During the loan you only pay interest and fees, not capital.

- Attached you have a credit card or Visa Business Debit Mastercard, thus having permanent access to financing.

- Authorized overdraft is granted to a company to satisfy the circulating capital requirements so as to cover the current business needs.

How does the authorised overdraft work?
With the business debit card Visa or Mastercard enclosed to the credit you have permanent access to the financing sources.
What are the required guarantees?
The guarantee structure is flexible and does not require the credit to be covered by mortgages or collateral deposits.

Frequent questions

Can this facility be used to pay for goods and services at the merchants or POS?
Yes, with the enclosed business banking card, you can pay for goods and services at the merchants or POS directly from the credit.
Can the credit be renewed after 12 months?
Yes, the credit is renewable, provided the company meets the eligibility criteria valid at the time of the renewal application.