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As part of Société Générale Group, pioneer and champion in the field of climate change financing, BRD aims that through its activities, footprint and charity actions it supports, to have a positive impact on the environment.

As a trusted partner, committed to positive transformation, the Group is guided by four fundamental values, Team Spirit, Innovation, Responsibility and Commitment, and promotes the corresponding behavior and skills it wishes to see in its employees.

The Group’s goal is to establish a culture of responsibility and the strictest control and compliance framework in the banking sector.

In order to achieve such an objective on the activities side, BRD has adopted a holistic approach, with a long-term view and integrated in its decision making process the evaluation of clients and transactions, from the environmental and social (E&S) risks perspective.

As E&S breaches may pose risks to the Bank, these are subject to a process to identify, assess, prevent and/or mitigate them.

In this respect, the bank implemented in its internal normative framework dedicated procedure for assessing and addressing the risks of environmental and social origin. These processes also implies applying the 12 E&S Sector Policies of the Societe Generale Group and the General Guidelines for E&S aspects.

Furthermore, BRD applies since 2009 in assessment of the transactions falling under the scope, the Equator Principles.

The management of E&S risks borne by the activities are combined with actions to identify positive impact business opportunities and financing. BRD is ready to support the clients and transactions, which aim a net positive objective on environment or are engaged in sustainable business development.

Sectors of activities considered as drivers of sustainable development are energy efficiency, energy transition, waste management, water treatment, clean mobility, regenerative/circular economy companies, green real estate developments or acquisitions, social impact financing.


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