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Programmed Payments

Programmed payments

Forget about deadlines!

We handle your current operations!

PROGRAMMED PAYMENT service brings you a variety of benefits.


subscription and standing orders for transfers between your BRD accounts are free of charge


no more worries about your periodical payments


you set the amounts and frequency of your transfers

Possible transfers

Programmed payments is a service of transfers between current accounts opened with BRD. The transfers may be daily, weekly, twice a month or monthly and values can be:
Full balance

of your current account

Constant amounts

previously defined by you

Surplus at your current account

the amount exceeding a limit set for the account balance

What can you do ?

- Save money from your salary every month

- Pay your rent monthly

- Save money every month, on salary day, by programmed transfer.

Fees and commissions

List of commissions download