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Descoperit autorizat de cont EN Authorized overdraft

Authorized overdraft

Take a cash reserve!

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You always have money in your pocket!

Authorized overdraft brings you a wide range of banking and extra-banking products and services.

Cash reserve

to which you have access anytime through a card


without justification of the use of the funds


computed interest on the used loan only, while the loan is reduced with every deposit operation

What does the loan offer you?

Financing solutions through which you benefit from a cash reserve at any time. Thus, you can finance you current or unforeseen expenses.


What type of income do you need in order to obtain the loan?

A wide range of income types are accepted: from salary income, pensions, dividends, copyright, rents, to income from freelance activities. You can obtain a higher amount if also bring in the income of maximum 3 co-borrowers.


How can you relax for the entire credit period?

Life insurance for the entire credit period offers you and your family protection in case of unforeseen events (death of any cause and total and permanent disability of any cause). The policy is concluded at the time of signature of the loan agreement, the insurance premiums are paid monthly, so the effort is minimal.

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