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Market Review

BRD-GSG Research Department is providing clients with macroeconomic and equity research reports to serve as a useful tool in investment decision process on financial markets.

Macroeconomic research reports cover the evolution of main macroeconomic indicators, including also the forecasts of our team.

Equity research reports are being published on regular basis for 9 companies listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE). Covered companies are included in BSE main stock index (BET) and are active in some of the most dynamic economic sectors, such as: energy, financial, telecom, utilities. Our analysts use public information sources and recognized valuation methods to derive price targets and investment recommendations.

Among the most important research report categories, we may mention:

  • Romania Market Daily
  • Weekly Letter
  • Flash Letter
  • Romania Economic Outlook
  • Equity research reports

We inform you that by the entry into force of the European MiFIDII / MiFIR legal framework, i.e. European Directive 2014/65/EU on Markets in Financial Instruments (MIFID II) and European Regulation (UE) 600/2014, together with their delegated regulations, the EU legal framework is updated, which includes, among others, significant changes to investor protection and greater transparency.

Thereby, the mentioned legislative framework also has a significant impact on the activity of producing and distributing the research materials by considering them in the category of the incentives, whether they are consider monetary or non-monetary, according to the characteristics of the respective materials. As a result, the distribution of research materials that fall under the category of monetary benefits to the investment firms that provide to clients investment services or ancillary investment services, as they are defined in the above mentioned legal package, is permitted only on the basis of a contract and charged.

Therefore, in order to receive the research reports issued by BRD - Groupe Societe Generale SA , we kindly ask you to downloand and complete the following form and to send it to

MIFID II Research Questionnaire download