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Funds with monetary placements and fixed income instruments

Investment funds are placements with diversified risk levels.

Depending on your investor profile, you may opt for:

- Funds with placements on money markets and fixed income funds
With BRD SIMFONIA (for LEI investments), BRD EURO FOND (for EUR investments) and BRD USD FOND, your savings are invested in fixed income money market instruments, which offer you high short term liquidity, in low risk conditions.

- Bond funds 
BRD OBLIGATIUNI allows you to invest in Lei, mainly in bods, but also in money market instruments. Easy access to the bond market. The minimum investment amount is 1 unit. There are no subscription or redemption fees.

Stock funds and diversified funds

Depending on your investor profile, you may opt for:

- Diversified Funds
BRD DIVERSO is a fund that offers you the opportunity to invest in both LEI and EUR, specialized in diversified placements (shares, bonds and money market instruments), which allows you to get a potentially attractive yield, while taking an average to high risk.

- Stock funds
BRD ACTIUNI offers the opportunity to invest in both LEI and EUR, and to achieve attractive returns by assuming a high average risk. Placements are made on equity markets in Romania and CEE. No subscription or redemption fees are charged.
BRD INDEX invests in the companies listed on the Stock Exchange Markets of the Central and Eastern Europe countries, by reproducing a mix of the main stock market indexes of those countries. The high long term yield is correlated with a high risk.

General information note: For incomes obtained from investments realized starting with 2018, the taxpayers determine their tax obligations regarding the social contributions in accordance with the Fiscal Code’s provisions and with the instructions for filling in the 212 Form – Unique declaration on income tax and social contributions payable by Individuals. To establish your situation, please contact the Tax Administration office to which you belong.


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