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Business Credit Card


you have access any time to a source of funds made available by the bank

0 interest

during the grace period for payments to the merchants

No more cash

down payments to employees


over the performed transactions

0 interest

for card payments

How it works

The BRD Business credit Card is the ideal solution for your business when you don’t want to use your own equity to cover the current needs of the company (consumables, furniture etc.). It gives you access to a line of credit without interest in the grace period for payments made by card directly to the merchants.

What operations can be made with this type of card?

- Payment at the merchants (with no interest) including online
- Payment of utility bills
- Cash withdrawal at any cash dispenser
- Consulting the account balance
- Consulting the latest 10 card operations 
- Changing the PIN at any ATM

What are the main characteristics of the product?

- Embossed card issued under the MasterCard logo
- Use area: national and international
- Currency: Lei
- Validity: 2 years with possibility of renewal
- Available balance: credit limit granted by the bank
- Grace period: up to 46 days 
Minimum amount to be repaid on a monthly basis: 10% of all the performed transactions

Utilization limits:
The bank may establish daily utilization limits for card operations.
But you can change the standard utilization limits through a written request, filed in any BRD agency. 
This way, you can control much easily the card operations made by your employees.


- Free services of travel insurance abroad
- Possibility to recover the VAT paid cross-border
- Access to Premium & Business MasterCard Program


Free Lounge

Only by presenting your business credit card and the airplane ticket, you’ll have free and unlimited access to:
- Avram Iancu airport’s lounge from Cluj
- Traian Vuia airport’s lounge from Timişoara


Octet- safe purchases from international suppliers

Through our partnership with Octet Europe, you have access to an online trade platform that supports you in making safe purchases from international suppliers.

All existing companies in the platform are rigorously checked from enrollment. This way you benefit from both expanding your supply chain and, good risk management that may arise in international trade.

When you pay with your BRD Business Credit Card by Mastercard you will get a 10% discount from the standard processing fee, charged by Octet for payments performed on its platform.

For more details click HERE.


Did you know that you can recover the foreign VAT?

You can choose to recover the VAT paid cross-border, provided through an external partnership with TaxBack International.

BRD and Taxback International provide to the business card holders a complete, fast and efficient VAT recovery service.

All you need to do is access the page Taxback International. For this service Taxback International charges a processing fee, percentage of the amount reimbursed, at the end of the procedure. No commissions are charged in advance and the assessment of reimbursable amounts is a free service.


Payments over the Internet secured by 3D-Secure 

For extra safety in using the Business Cards online at the merchants that display the logos MasterCard SecureCode Verified by VISA , we recommend you to activate free of charge 3D Secure, the highest standard of security of online payments.
BRD also gives you the possibility to active your card in the 3D Secure system free of charge even while shopping online, through the “Activation During Shopping” service.

Frequent questions

What is the due date in the case of the credit card?

The deadline by which the client must submit the following:

- Minimum payable amount
- Equivalent value of the transactions made at the merchants, so that no interest is charged on the used amount. 

What is the minimum payment amount?
The minimum mandatory repayment to be made by the client on a monthly basis; it is a fixed percentage of the used amount.