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Agricultural season loan

Advantageous costs

Grace period



The loan: is granted to cover temporary cash needs arising from seasonal activities. Stocks and many seasonal activities that may be the subject of credit include:

a) livestock or agricultural products which considered raw material for the textile industry (wool, cotton, linen, hemp) and food industry (cereals, oil-seeds, vegetables, fruits, grapes, wine, hops, etc.) which usually are harvested only at certain times of the year;

b) food products intended for sale

c) career and quarry products sourcing

d) timber sourcing by customers in the wood industry;

e) foods (vegetables, fruits, preserves, etc.) for forming the autumn-winter stocks

g) activity;

h) expenses related to crop production, fruit and / or livestock.

Loan amount: up to 80% of its seasonal working capital planned for the next period

Currency: RON / EUR / USD

Grant Period: 12 months

Guarantees: flexible structure guarantees

General eligibility criteria

  1. Financial performance category A, B or C, as determined under the internal rules
  2. Note Default or debt service under interrogation in the Central Credit Risk in the last 12 months in relation to the date of application analysis
  3. According to existing Incident Payments have registered more than 6 major payment incidents in the last 6 months from the date of loan application is not in banking prohibition
  4. Not registered Insolvency Bulletin, a publication edited by the National Trade Register Office, as debtor
  5. The Bank has not received on credit analysis injunction blocking the attachment of accounts in domestic and / or foreign currency
* The above criteria are not limiting