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Agricultural season loan

Advantageous costs

Grace period



The loan: is granted to cover temporary cash needs arising from seasonal activities. Stocks and many seasonal activities that may be the subject of credit include:

a) livestock or agricultural products which considered raw material for the textile industry (wool, cotton, linen, hemp) and food industry (cereals, oil-seeds, vegetables, fruits, grapes, wine, hops, etc.) which usually are harvested only at certain times of the year;

b) food products intended for sale

c) career and quarry products sourcing

d) timber sourcing by customers in the wood industry;

e) foods (vegetables, fruits, preserves, etc.) for forming the autumn-winter stocks

g) activity;

h) expenses related to crop production, fruit and / or livestock.

Loan amount: depending on the loan analysis and repayment capacity

Currency: RON / EUR / USD

Grant Period: 12 months

Guarantees: flexible structure guarantees