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Refinancing - Credit Card

Credit Card

Refinance with the BRD Credit Card the overdraft and the credit cards with up to 36 installments without interest

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Refinance easily with installments without interest!

Standard Credit Card

Come to BRD! You have a great refinancing offer for credit cards or overdraft issued by BRD or other financial institutions. Some benefits:

6 installments with 0% interest

You have anytime 6 installments with 0% interest, at merchants or online* and up to 36 installments with low interest, anywhere in the world. In addition, you can set your purchases in more than 6 installments, also with 0% interest, at BRD partner merchants.

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Installments by SMS

You can set easily your purchases in any number of installments you want, through SMS.

You can find more details about this process HERE .

Grace period up to 55 days

We offer you a grace period up to 55 days, for purchases performed directly from merchants.

Extended installments up to 36 months

With one phone call to MyBRD Contact, you can accumulate more purchases in a total value of at least 200 lei, in a single interest installments plan with a reduced interest rate of 16.9% per year.

Access to Extrabeneficii platform**

You have discounts up to 50% in more than 1800 partner locations through platform.

Loan on phone***

Yes, even cash! Easily transfer to your current account any amount over 500 lei and you can reimburse it in up to 36 equal installments, with advantageous interest of 16.9% per year.

Gold Credit Card

Did you like the benefits of the Standard Credit Card? The Gold Credit Card brings you much more!

Free and unlimited access to airports lounges

You have free and unlimited access to airports lounges: Mastercard Business Lounge from Henri Coanda, Avram Iancu from Cluj, Traian Vuia from Timisoara,, Sibiu International Airport, Jet Lounge and Air Lounge from Vienna.

Free external travel insurance

You have the benefit of free external travel insurance, including for family members, with the possibility of cancellation for trips departing from Romania.

What do you have to do?

1. Tell us the IBAN account and the amounts to be refinanced, due on the overdraft and credit cards from BRD or other financial institutions.

2. After we approve the credit line, we transfer the refinancing amounts to the other financial institutions, so that you have a single installment without interest at BRD. You can get an additional amount to use as you wish (depending on the credit policy of the financial institution).

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Rate mechanism and grace period details

Refinancing campaign rules

Standard offer 6 installments without interest for payments of at least 200 lei at merchants or online (both in Romania and international).

For refinancing the standard offer is 36 installments with an interest rate of 16.9% p.a. Promotional offer available until 31.12.2023.

Representative example for a credit line attached to the Standard Credit Card, with a value of 5,000 lei, for 4 years: fixed interest 26% per year, DAE: 30.82%, card administration fee: 50 lei / year, total value payable: 10.403,56 lei, the minimum monthly payment amount is 3.5% of the balance used, minimum 20 lei.

Representative example for a credit line attached to the Gold Credit Card, with a value of 20,000 lei, for 4 years: fixed interest 26% per year, DAE: 30.43% card administration fee: 150 lei / year, total value payable: 41.414,17 lei, the minimum monthly payment amount is 3.5% of the balance used, minimum 20 lei.

Both the list of partner vendors and the discount values may be subjected to change.

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