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Loan refinancing

Reset, restart and refinance your loans!

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Choose to pay less at a single bank!

REFINE YOUR LOANS and enjoy the benefits included.


refinance previously contracted loans with a loan at current market conditions, with lower costs


you have only one loan, one monthly installment, from one bank


you can get extra money for other projects

What loans can you refinance?

The refinancing loan allows you to group one or more loans that you have with several banks, regardless of currency or if they were contracted in your name or that of your husband/wife.

You can refinance all types of loans (real estate / mortgage, personal needs, credit card, overdraft) using one of the dedicated BRD products:

Expresso Restart for 5 years

With the Expresso Restart 5 year personal needs loan you can refinance any type of loan, except the Prima Mașină loan and the Prima Casă loan and you can get an additional amount of money.


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Expresso Restart 10 years

The Expresso Restart 10 year personal needs loan is intended to refinance loans granted before July 8, 2020 (less Prima Mașină loan / Prima Casă loan) without obtaining additional amounts.



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Habitat Restart

With the Habitat mortgage loan, you can refinance other real estate loans, including the Noua Casă. You can opt for variable or fixed interest throughout the period, or fixed interest in the first 3 years, variable later.


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Authorized Account Overdraft Restart

With Overdraft, you can refinance any type of credit, except Prima Casă loan and Prima Casă loan.




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Useful information

What income do I need to get the loan?

A wide range of income is accepted for refinancing loans: salaries, pensions, dividends, royalties, rents, up to income from self-employment. You can get a higher amount if you also bring the income of up to 3 co-borrowers.

Do I need a proof of income?

All your earnings checks are now fully automated, with no need for proof of income from your employer. This simplified procedure allows us to grant you credit much faster and with a minimum number of documents.

Only if the information retrieved from ANAF is not complete, we reserve the right to request documents proof of income .

How can I stay calm throughout my credit?

You are safe for the entire credit period by taking out life insurance that gives you and your family protection in the event of unforeseen events (unemployment, incapacity for work, total disability or death). The policy is concluded at the time of signing the credit agreement, for the entire crediting period.

How much does it cost me?

You will find the necessary information at Commissions and interest .

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