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Încasare şi colectare IMM<1M EN Receipt and collection

Receipt and collection

Choose from the 7 functionalities suitable for your business.

Cashing simple and convenient!

The receipt and collection service includes a wide range of benefits.


safe receipts by eliminating the risk of counterfeit money or theft


installation, training, maintenance and consulting


in processing the operations


offered to customers, but also you


save time for you and your customers

Accept Card – POS

Accept Card – POS service is the complete and safe solution of card acceptance, which contributes improving the activity carried out.

Accept Card is the ideal solution for your business if you have clients who hold cards and don’t usually keep cash and who renounce your services because you don’t give them the possibility to pay by card.

Choose the functionalities that are adequate for your business:

Card acceptance for payment

You can cash the value of the sold products and services by payment with the Visa or MasterCard cards. This way, you enable your buyers to use an alternative means of payment, which is safe and comfortable, and build a long-term relationship with them.

Instant pay

Through the new contactless technology, the clients can make small payments (maximum 100 Lei) fast and easy, by approaching the card to the terminal, without having to enter their PIN. This new technology optimizes the time spent by the clients at the cash register and, therefore, eliminates long lines.

Loyalty program

You can choose to become one of the merchants that are BRD partners in the loyalty program dedicated to the holders of “Punct card" credit cards. For each payment made, the clients obtain loyalty points, which they can later use to shop in the stores that participate in the program.

Payment by instalments to BRD Finance

Give your clients the possibility to pay directly at the POS their instalments on the BRD Finance loans.


Discover the e-Commerce service of card acceptance in the electronic environment.

BRD offers you a full package to help you carry out your business in the online environment:

  • A virtual payment terminal adapted to your needs;
  • An automated and secured way of receiving incomes from sales;
  • Lower risks of fraud and non-payment of orders;
  • Compatibility with the 3D-Secure standards recommended by VISA and MasterCard (Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode).