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Rates and fees

We want to assure you of our commitment to improving the quality of our services. In line with our commitment to improve execution services, we have also reviewed our commercial policy. 

Starting 01.01.2010 the fees and commissions related to the capital market operations can be communicated by the contact persons within BRD Capital Markets. These are set according to the client profile. 

To open a trading account, please read  the MiFID II Submission Document , the  Good Execution Policy and the  Conflict of Interests and fill in a file composed of the following documents:

Financial Investment Services Agreement   download 
Annex 1  Open account request Individual download 
Annex 1 Open account request Legal Persons  download 
Annex 2 Fees download 
Annex 3 STATEMENT of the investor on the classification of investments   download  
Annex 4 Person discharging managerial responsibilities download  
Annex 5 Financial investment services on foreign capital markets download  
Annex 6 Online Trading  download  
Annex 6a Digipass delivery report    download 
Annex 6b Users Anyma download 
Annex 7 Distance Agreement download 


For any additional information, please contact us:

Daniel Pocorea
tel: + 4021 301 4151

Lucia Popescu
tel: + 4021 301 6873

Adrian Barbu
tel: + 4021 301 4155

Mihai Burlanescu
tel: + 4021 301 4981

Miron Catalin Alexandru
tel: +4021.301.4983