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Current Account

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How do you manage your money?

Enjoy a wide range of products and services!


and control to manage your incomes and current expenses


pay your bills, taxes and receive / send money to/from Romania or from anywhere in the world


a part of your income, every month


opened by you either at the bank or directly at home, by means of YOU BRD


on your mobile phone when you receive the salary or when any other transaction is processed, by means of the BRD SMS Banking service


through overdraft choice, if you need extra resources

What does the current account allow you?

You can:
collect money

every month (salary, pension, allowance, scholarship etc.)

have permanent access

to your money


your bills

deposit or withdraw

money from the account

collect money

or make payments



special transactions

in more than
100 exotic currencies

Basic payment services

You can access the current account with basic payment services from BRD, if you don’t currently own any bank account.

This account is available only in LEI and includes a set of free operations that help you use your financial resources more easily.

In addition, you can attach a debit card, YOU BRD online and mobile banking services, as well as Direct Debit service for recurrent payments.

Depending on your gross income, your current account with basic payment services from BRD offers you various benefits, according to the legislation in force:

- For gross incomes below 4,540 lei* the account can be obtained based on your request accompanied by an income statement.

- For gross incomes bigger or equal to 4,540 lei* the account can be obtained based only on your request.

The complete list of free operations included for each level of income is available in the Fees and Commissions Guide.

*The gross income limit set for the current accounts with basic payment services is provided by the Law no. 258/2017 on the comparability of fees related to payment accounts, the change/ switch of payment accounts and access to basic payment accounts, projected in the latest macroeconomic forecast, i.e the autumn forecast, published by the National Prognosis Commission in 2023 for 2024.

Accounts changing service

If you wish to transfer the current account to another Bank from the country, you can do it through the accounts switching/ changing service.

The transfer of accounts relationships can only be done between current accounts held in the same currency. Also, you can transfer:

- Either information related to all or some of the payment services - direct debits, standing orders or recurrent receipts;

- Either the positive balance of the account held in the previous Bank, with or without closing the account.

Documents and useful information

Fees and commissions

List of interest rates download
List of fees download