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The account statements

and the state of the portfolio are sent each month

The investment strategy

is applied according to your plans

Authorized brokers

professional processing of your orders by authorized brokers

Easy access

to the capital market


You may issue your orders through:



In person

at our headquarters in Bucuresti, Bd. Ion Mihalache nr 1-7

How it works

In order to allow you making investments with the highest possible profit, we provide you access to the spot market through the Bucharest Stock Exchange and to the foreign markets through London Stock Exchange, Euronext Paris,  Six Swiss Exchange, Wiener Borse AG and Deutsche Borse Group.

Benefiting from our support and experience, you will be able to increase and manage a diversified portfolio which will correspond to your investment needs and plans.

You have the possibility of setting a limit-price for selling/buying or performing transactions at the market price. We will execute your orders at the best possible price on the market and within the limits you establish.


Daniel Pocorea
Telephone: + 40 21 301 4151

Lucia Popescu
Telephone: + 40 21 301 6873

Adrian Barbu
Telephone: + 40 21 301 4155

Mihai Burlanescu
Telephone: +40 21 301 4981

Olga Ursu
Telephone: +40 21 301 4152


Miron Catalin Alexandru

Telephone: +4021.301.4983