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Investment loan PFA

Business Loan

Put your development plans into practice!

Invest in your business!

Investment loan benefits:


for any type of investment: to purchase a head office, new equipment /machinery /vehicles or if you want to upgrade your business



in reimbursement, according to your payment capacity

Up to 20 years

maximum credit period

What investment can you make?

- The purchase of new equipment for the extension or upgrade of the production line 
- The renewal or increase of vehicle fleet
- The purchase or construction of real estate intended for business 
- Real estate renovation/ upgrade/ extension
- Refinancing loans from other banks

How it works

- The credit is granted for a maximum period of 15 years. The duration of the credit is determined based on the type of investment.
- Additionally, you may benefit of a grace period – in the case of construction projects this can reach up to 24 months. 
- The reimbursement is made by monthly instalments. During the grace period, you pay only the interest and the commissions.
- The credit is available by bank transfer directly to the seller in case of purchasing of goods or by successive drawdowns according to the execution stages in case of investment projects.

Frequently asked questions

How is the grace period determined?

The grace period is determined depending on the type of investment, as follows: for the purchase of goods, the grace period is 6 months, while for investment projects implying project execution stages, the grace period can reach up to 24 months.

Can you also be granted other credits?
Yes, you can use the entire financing offer, both for the daily activity of your business and for any other investment you want to make. 

What guarantees must be submitted?

The main guarantee is represented by the asset purchased from the credit and additionally, if the case, mortgages, cash collateral or guarantees issued by the guarantee funds FNGCIMM (National Fund of Guaranteeing the Loan Facilities for SMEs) and FGCR (Rural Credit Guarantee Fund) can be requested.