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Continuous insurance training program

BRD, as authorized provider of educational programs in insurance, conducts continuous insurance training program with the following content:

1. Basics of specific legislation insurance and insurance brokerage

  • Legislation specific to insurance and insurance brokerage.
  • Insurance contract. Rules for concluding insurance contracts by insurance brokers.

2. Principles of Insurance and presentation of the different general and life insurances

  • Insurance market: operators, regulators and supervisors, dimensional and structural elements
  • The concept of insurance terminology, classification criteria of insurance, risk selection, insurance fraud

Life Insurance:

  • Traditional life insurance;
  • Unit-linked/ investment;
  • Insurance for people other than life insurance;
  • Systems of distribution of life insurance products.

General Insurance:

  • Accident and sickness insurance;
  • Car insurance;
  • Maritime and transport insurance;
  • Aviation insurance;
  • Insurance against fire and other property damage;
  • Liability insurance;
  • Credit insurance guarantee.

3. General principles of sales techniques, insurance products negotiation and ethics in insurance

  • Sales techniques and insurance negotiation
  • Elements of ethics in insurance

4. Protection of policyholders, personal data protection, Anti terrorism and money laundering prevention

The program structure was in compliance with legal requirements.

Consideration for applicants for this training program in insurance will be conditioned upon their experience. Examination of participants will be done by IMA, following CSA regulations.

To register for our courses it is necessary for applicants to be employees of the Societe Generale Group in Romania. Courses offered by BRD Groupe Societe Generale started on 17/12/2012. The courses involve: Access to online e-learning platform and the certification of their experience in the field of insurance, as required by the CSA standards.

The promotion rate for 2013 was 90.66%.