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Agricultural season loan

Advantageous costs

Grace period



-  farmers organized as legal persons who are registered in the records APIA land operation (ownership or lease) and who intends to purchase the surfaces rented previously (worked / operated in regime of rent) so that the total area of the property does not exceed 1000 Ha
- fulfillment of GEO 43/2013
Credit: acquisition of agricultural land in order to increase surface run
Loan amount: maximum 90% of the acquired areas (excluding VAT)
Currency: RON
Granting period: minimum 12 months, maximum 120 months
Grace period: 6 months / 3 years new vineyards crops, Peter clients whose repayment capacity depends only on the culture
Guarantees: flexible structure guarantees


General eligibility criteria

Customers are accepted for funding if they meet the following minimum criteria:

- Organize as PFA, PL or PAI in accordance with relevant legislation
- Not in insolvency proceedings according to law 85/2014 on insolvency prevention procedures
- He submitted documents relating to income tax authorities, according to the terms applied for PFA and PL. If IBP - have a certificate from the mayor on agricultural area owned and / or rent or livestock ownership
- They work at least 6 months (excluding start-ups receiving specific products and specific analysis)

* The above criteria are not limiting