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30 years fixed interest from 7.75%


provided by the escrow account for the pre-contractual advance that you pay to the seller so you're sure you can recover it if needed


you can choose the type of interest: fixed or variable and fixed throughout the first 5 years and thereafter variable

90 days

validity of pre-approval, to have time to find your dream home

20% extra money

you can request an additional loan of up to 20% of the initial loan for valuation, notary or home renovation purchased

What does the Habitat loan offer you?

Now you can opt for an interest:

fixed throughout the loan period *

fixed within the first 5 years and then indexed

indexed throughout the entire period of the loan


In addition, you get:

- Lei funding for a period not exceeding 30 years
- constant or decreasing reimbursement rates


* Thus, your monthly payment amount remains unchanged for the entire loan period so that you can you can enjoy your new home without worrying about a possible increase in rates.


Down payment

The minimum down payment required is 15% or 20%, depending on the debt to ratio and property type (for lands the down payment is 35%).


Do you need guarantees?

If you want to purchase a home, you can guarantee the loan of the property you want to buy it, or another owned by you or any third party. If construction of buildings, the loan guarantee may consist of land and housing are going to build.

We finance up to 85% from the investment value.


Be relaxed for the entire loan period!


offers you and your family protection in case of unforeseen events (total and permanent invalidity or death from any cause). The policy is concluded at the time of signature of the loan agreement, for the entire loan period.

insurance policy

for the real estate property brought as guarantee. In the case of loans extended for the construction, modernization, finishing of the construction, an insurance covering the risk of failing to finish the construction will also be included.

minimum effort

the payment of the related premium involves a minimum effort, as it is paid on a monthly basis, along with the loan instalment.

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