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Agricultural insurance

Preferential costs

through the partnerships signed by the bank

Time saving

by the automatic payment of insurance premiums, without having to go to the bank

Customized services

agricultural insurance is modular and adaptable to your needs


Types of insurance

Agricultural insurance is the ideal solution for your business if you contract a BRD agricultural loan and you conclude trough the bank an insurance policy for cultures/ animals in preferential conditions.

You can choose the type of agricultural insurance according to the activity performed:

- For cultures (field crops, fruit trees, grape vines) – the following risks are covered: hail, fire (for any cause), storm/ hurricane, heavy rain, cultivated land collapse or slide, late spring frost and early autumn frost.
- For livestock, fish and birdsyou receive compensation in case of death of livestock due to diseases of any kind (except those regulated by the law) and accidents, including natural disasters.

Frequent questions

Can I take out the agricultural insurance policy at the bank?
At the bank you will fill in the insurance policy questionnaire. A representative of the insurer will provide the assistance to conclude the policy together.