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Start saving early for your child!



access to money at any time

Fixed interest rates

quarterly established


LEI 20/EUR 5/ USD 5 paid by the bank directly into account


your savings are guaranteed by the Deposits Guarantee Fund


deposits, receipts and account opening


Atustart is a flexible savings account, in Lei, EUR or USD that gives your child the chance to save and manage his own money.

What does Atustart allow you to do?

  • Open an account from the very birth of your child, in his name
  • Unrestricted access to the savings in the account, while keeping the minimum balance which should be kept in account
  • Deposit money anytime, while respecting the maximum amount limit
  • Additional profits through the preferential interest rate, paid quarterly in the account
  • Free of charge operations: Account opening, cash deposit, intra bank and interbank receipts
  • At the age of 14 the amount saved is transformed into an Atusprint account dedicated to teenagers, open on your child's name.

Interest rates

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See the list of interest rates download

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