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Savings account for minors.

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Start saving early for your child!

ATUSTART includes a wide range of banking and extra-banking products and services.


no minimum amount at account opening


quarterly established


your savings are guaranteed by the Deposits Guarantee Fund


deposits, receipts and account opening

What is Atustart?

Saving is important because it is the way you can sustain your projects and plans designed for the minors in your family. It's easier to save if you do it at your own pace. This is how the savings account from BRD, Atustart, dedicated to minors under 18, works.

Atustart is a safe way to save, being available in LEI.


What does Atustart allow you to do?

- Open an account from the very birth of your child, in his name

- Access to the savings in the account within processing time limits

- Deposit money anytime, while respecting the maximum amount limit

- Interest quarterly paid in the account

- Free of charge operations: account opening, account closure, cash deposit, intrabank and interbank receipts

- At the age of 18 the amount saved is transformed into an Atucont account open on your child's name.

Please find an interest calculation example here.


Interest calculator

Interest rates

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